10 Cute Cupcake Ideas for Kids' Birthday Parties


Sushi Cupcakes

Sushi cupcakes? No worries: there's nothing fishy about this sweet treat.

Yellow, white or lemon-flavored cupcakes can be cut up to look just like the real thing, except a lot more sugary. We recommend using white frosting with white sprinkles or coconut shavings to make make a good substitution for sushi rice.Consider using jelly beans for roe, gummy fish candy to sub for the real thing and Fruit Roll-Ups to recreate nori (the seaweed paper used in sushi rolls). Dried fruits can also be used as decoration to keep it a little healthier -- dried mango looks a lot like ginger.

Kids can also get in on the action and sculpt these creations themselves.

Regardless what kind of cupcakes you make for your kid's big birthday bash, they're sure to be a hit. Just don't forget to make a few extras for yourself!

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