Top 5 Arts and Crafts Birthday Party Ideas


Keep Things Organized

Washable markers are a great idea.
Washable markers are a great idea.

Here's our No. 1 tip for hosting an arts and crafts birthday party: Keep it simple. If things get too complicated, you'll get frustrated and so will your party guests. Make sure the projects you pick are age-appropriate and within the skill range of every child at the party.

Think carefully about how many children you'll be inviting to the party. Will you be able to handle them all while they create their masterpieces? Remember, kids ask a lot of questions. Perhaps you could hire a local teen babysitter to help out for the day. Trust us, the expense will be minimal and completely worth it.

If you have a large group of kids, you might want to think about running two craft tables with two different crafts at the same time. About halfway through the party, the kids can switch off and start on craft No. 2. This way you won't have too many kids reaching for the same supplies the entire time.

So, are you ready to throw an arts and crafts party? Check out the links below for more about entertaining and crafting.

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