10 Tips for Sustainable Event Planning

Choose a Sustainable Venue

Picking the right venue can be the most important part of making your event sustainable. Find a venue that has a track record of environmental sustainability and is willing to cooperate with your mission, or work with a venue that will adapt to meet your needs. Do they already have recycling facilities on-site? How energy efficient is it? What about the venue's choice of vendors -- do they use sustainable practices? Remember to review contracts to ensure your venue will participate in the green efforts the way you think they will.

When choosing a venue, there are some decisions you can make, too, that will help reduce energy consumption and waste. For instance, don't book a space that's larger than the number of guests you plan to have (most venues can tell you how many people a space holds for various types of functions). Choose a location that's accessible easily using public transportation. If you are using multiple venues, choosing facilities near one another can reduce the need to transport people long distances from one place to another.

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