Top 10 Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

'Captain Hook' Game
Captain Hook is hungry for pretzels.
Captain Hook is hungry for pretzels.

This is a fun and silly little game for a pirate-themed bash. Have each child take a turn being "Captain Hook." For this game you'll need:

  • Paper lunch bags with a small hole punched in the bottom
  • Plastic-wrapped candy canes
  • Bucket of pretzels
  • 30-second timer

To be Captain Hook, the child must place the paper bag over his or her hand. Then, slip the candy cane through the hole in the bag so the child can grasp it. This way you're left with a candy cane "hook" sticking out from the end of the child's arm. Give each child 30 seconds to see how many pretzels he or she can grab with the hook. The winner gets a prize. The loser walks the plank.