Top 10 Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Make a Pirate-themed Cake
Decorate cupcakes with plastic swords or gold coins.
Decorate cupcakes with plastic swords or gold coins.
George Doyle/Valueline/Thinkstock

Of course no birthday party can be without a birthday cake! If you're into cupcakes, top them with chocolate gold coins, small plastic swords or mini-pirate hats -- the ideas are endless. And you can find lots of fun pirate-themed cupcake toppers at a party store or online.

If you're feeling inventive, try making a treasure chest cake. Here's how it's done: Make two rectangular cakes. Put a layer of frosting in between, and stack the cakes on top of each other. Frost the entire cake with chocolate frosting. Make a "lid" out of cardboard and attach it to the cake using wooden skewers, so it looks propped open. Cover the top of the cake with things like gummy fish, candy necklaces and gold coins.

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