10 Money-making Ideas for Events


Conduct a Craft Show

Jewelry is a big money-maker at craft shows.
Jewelry is a big money-maker at craft shows.

We like this one because it's a winner on a number of levels. There are lots of crafters around who make everything from jewelry to blown glass. They all have interesting stories, and many of them are looking for ways to make their crafts more profitable. Crafters who donate their time and one or two of their pieces to charity have an opportunity to get free publicity and learn more about how their pieces resonate with the public. From the buyer side of the equation, guests can find bargains, learn more about the products they buy and maybe catch a glimpse of a truly talented artisan early in his career. Everybody comes away with something, and your charity makes money. Setting up multiple tables for different types of crafts works well, and holding hands-on demonstrations is a good way to get people curious and involved.