10 Ideas for a Red Carpet Event


Populating the Party

Beyond the people attending your red carpet event, it's fun to add other unexpected attendees and even faux crashers to the mix.

Have a favorite funny friend, a local celebrity or a Joan Rivers look-alike be the red carpet interviewer. The interviewer grabs people as they walk by, shoves a mic in their faces and talks with them, just as it's done at televised red carpet events. Be sure a video camera and microphone capture the moments. You can post the videos on YouTube or put together a DVD for lots of laughs after the party.

No respectable red carpet event is without a paparazzi frenzy, and here's an opportunity to invite some unusual participation to fill these roles. Imagine inviting guests' children to serve as paparazzi! The kids will enjoy being involved in the event by snapping pics of their parents', and those shots will be memorable for years. The kids can then be whisked off to bed by the babysitter after the adults have walked the red carpet.