10 Ideas for a Unique Birthday Party

Go-kart Party
It's about to get rrrrrowdy!
It's about to get rrrrrowdy!
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He may not be old enough to drive yet, but that's no reason why your child and his friends can't get behind the wheel on his birthday. Go-kart racetracks are fairly common and can be found everywhere from theme parks to independent locations. Even some miniature golf courses have go-karts, so it should be easy to find a fun, age-friendly venue that everyone, including parents, can enjoy. Plus, since all party attendees will actually be racing, it's one of the most engaging and crowd-pleasing birthday party activities on this list.

It's important to remember that we're talking about go-karts, not bumper cars. Go-karts are actual gas-powered vehicles that race around a track. Bumper cars are electric shells that slam into one another. Bumping cars is fun, but the novelty won't last for an entire afternoon. Choose the option that's most engaging to (and age-appropriate for) your child.