10 Great Girlfriend Getaways


Party in Vegas!

Viva Las Vegas ... and viva friendship!
Viva Las Vegas ... and viva friendship!

Las Vegas: land of lights, clubs, big shows and even bigger casinos. Go big or go home!

Round up the rest of your party crew for a round-the-clock extravaganza that can be as wild as you want it to be. Vegas is intense, and there are many things to see and do. Go with girlfriends who are after the same experience as you to minimize conflicting agendas.

After you've spent plenty of time by the hotel pool, bust out your best cocktail dress and hit the strip! Pack your boa, dancing shoes, lucky rabbit's foot for the craps tables and whatever else you need for a good time. Here, everything is over-the-top -- from architecture and world-famous restaurants to dance clubs and performances. Rip it up, and have fun!