10 Great Girlfriend Getaways


Rendezvous at a Girlfriend's Place

An old-fashioned slumber party will make you feel carefree!
An old-fashioned slumber party will make you feel carefree!
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Here's a fabulously fun and inexpensive option for a killer ladies getaway: have a girls-only slumber party!

Nominate someone in your clan who has a home with enough space (and beds or blow-up mattresses) to accommodate everyone. This getaway is less about experiencing a new place and more about reconnecting with good friends and sharing quality time together.

Some of the most enjoyable times can be so simple. Hit up the local farmers market, gather in the kitchen and prepare meals together. Every community has its own flavor; check out local events or attractions like parks and outdoor recreation areas, comedy clubs or happy hour hot spots. Kill an evening sitting around in your PJs sipping wine and sharing stories. Turn up the music up and have a living room dance party. The sky's the limit -- for more inspiration, think back to the slumber parties of long ago. Pizza and makeovers? Whatever you do, you'll have a great time.

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