10 Fun Kids' Birthday Party Themes

Karaoke Party (Who's the Biggest Star?)

If your child is shy and retiring, this may not be the best party choice, but if you have a budding superstar on your hands, an opportunity to claim the limelight may be just the ticket for a memorable birthday. If you don't own a Karaoke machine, you can rent one for the occasion. You'll want to go over the song list and make the guests aware of what's in store so they can come in costume or prepare a routine. Karaoke can be an engrossing activity that'll keep the kids entertained for hours, but for children who may be overwhelmed or reluctant to participate, have a craft table set up for more sedate activities, too.

Put together a small stage area, and keep plenty of popcorn on hand for the appreciative audience. Designate a family member as master of ceremonies to supervise, and make sure that comments remain gentle and in good taste. A Karaoke party can be a blast, so charge up your video recorder. You'll want to catch every loud, silly moment. Tip: If the idea of all those tortured notes has you cringing, a set of earplugs comes cheap, and no one will ever be the wiser.