10 Fun Kids' Birthday Party Themes


Pirate Treasure

Pirate cupcakes can make everyone say "Ahoy!"
Pirate cupcakes can make everyone say "Ahoy!"

A treasure hunt is always fun for kids, and popular pirate movie blockbusters are making "Ahoy Matey!" an engaging birthday greeting. Try a scavenger hunt for common household objects, and make blindfolded guests who fail to find all the items walk a slightly elevated plank onto a pile of pillows. Make a treasure map using a simple computer drawing program, and leave clues around your home or yard. If your landscape can tolerate it, bury treasure in your backyard where an X marks the shallow spot (keep a trowel nearby for easy access). Effective elements for pirate-themed birthday parties are eye patches, parrots, palm trees, coconuts, the skull and crossbones, treasure maps, anchors and lots of gold, foil wrapped chocolate doubloons.