10 Fun Kids' Birthday Party Themes

Hobby Crazy
No matter what the theme is, the goal should always be fun.
No matter what the theme is, the goal should always be fun.

Your child's latest hobby or passion can become a creative theme for his birthday party this year. Your son's fascination with snakes could make a fun and timely theme. Ask your child why he loves his hobby so much. His enthusiasm will give you some insights and lots of great ideas. In the age of easy to use printers that can transfer graphics to banners, fabric and even cake icing, you probably have all the tools you need to craft most of the decorations you'll need. For the rest, specialty retailers like pet stores and sports memorabilia outlets cater to niche markets, so you're bound to find something inspired if you give yourself enough time to plan and browse.

It might take a little more effort than buying a boxed party pack, but clipart, posters, personalized napkins, and rubber or plush toys can help make your child's unique theme into something pretty special. Who knows, the year your son's birthday included a rubber snake hunt may become the stuff of legends at your house, recounted with glee every year at the family reunion or around the Thanksgiving holiday feast.

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