10 Fun Event Decorating Ideas

Showcase the Cake

Cake is a wonderful thing. It's a dessert and a decoration -- a two-for-one proposition. Serving cake as part of your event, and displaying it prominently beforehand, will create a focal point for the serving area and generate anticipation, too. Who doesn't like cake? If it's a themed cake, a photo cake or an elaborate confection with lots of creative panache, it could set the stage for the entire affair.

Cake decorating is a popular hobby these days, so you may already know a cake artist who can thrill your guests. If not, try your own hand at cake decorating. It isn't as hard as it looks. You can create an attractively decorated cake using supplies from your local craft store. Embossing die cutters and tinted frosting sheets are just a couple of tools you should explore. Cake decorating is fun, and the results are delicious. Taking a DIY approach can save you money, too.