10 Community Event Ideas


Have a BIG Garage Sale

You know those community garage sales you see advertised in the paper? You can do that. Actually, there are a couple of ways to organize multi-household garage sales. One is to have adjacent homes all conduct garage sales on the same day. Let's call it a garage-a-thon. This usually attracts a big crowd because there's an opportunity for lots of bargains but shoppers don't have to walk for miles or car hop from location to location.

The other option is to have a central staging area where multiple donors can contribute goods for one great big garage sale. Think of this one as a mini flea market. This is a good choice if space is available, especially if you plan on it becoming a regular event. Folks can donate or consign their goods (and get them out of their respective garages) while whole groups of bargain hungry shoppers can mark their calendars for the event every year.

Spring and fall are both productive times for garage sales. The weather is typically good, and people are usually ankle deep into spring or fall cleaning, a time when they're ready to retire gently used toys, appliances and clothing.