10 Community Event Ideas


Conduct an Educational Cemetery Tour

This isn't as ghoulish as it sounds. In some communities, the cemetery is a beautifully groomed and shady space more like a park than anything else. If you live in a historic area, the local cemetery could be an important historical site, too. Cemeteries aren't just significant for their history, either. Taking headstone rubbings and collecting epitaphs are both popular hobbies, and many cemeteries boast interesting artistic features and remarkable craftsmanship in their wrought iron fence designs, headstones and mausoleums. Cemeteries can also contain plant species, like old world roses, that are pretty rare and noteworthy all by themselves. All of that and many cemeteries also have famous and infamous residents worth a respectful visit.

If you think a cemetery near you might be a good candidate for a tour, contact the site director to discuss the options. Halloween is the obvious time of year to conduct this type of event, but it might be worthy of year-round attention.