10 Community Event Ideas


Have a Treasure Hunt

Make your treasure hunt with a silly map and rhyming clues.
Make your treasure hunt with a silly map and rhyming clues.

Most people are naturally generous and want to support worthy causes. The potential for a windfall doesn't hurt, though. A treasure hunt is like a raffle on steroids. It gets people thinking creatively and actively engaged in the hunt -- and you know there's nothing quite as satisfying as finding hidden treasure. We really love this idea because it can be an indoor or outdoor activity, so it's a year-round option. It can be theme specific or not, and geared toward kids, adults or both. All you need is a prize, a hiding place, some fun and mysterious clues, and a signup sheet. You don't even have to hide the prize where X marks the spot; just place a pennant where the treasure should be. The winner can use it to claim his prize . . . and all the glory.

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