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Emily's Heart Quilted Table Runner Pattern

Get to the heart of the matter with Emily's Heart quilted table runner pattern. The finished piece measures about 37 X 9 inches -- perfect for most tables. Download the free quilt pattern here.

Virginia Reel Quilt Block

Kick up your heels and getQuilting! The Virginia Reel quilt block is sure to inspire you. You'll find everything you need to get started in this article, including a free quilt block download.

Twirling Quilted Table Runner Pattern

Wow everyone who enters your home with the dizzying design featured on this Twirling quilted table runner pattern. You'll find the free quilt pattern download and helpful instructions on this page.

Ohio Snowflake Quilt Block

The Ohio Snowflake quilt block uses a combination of traditional bars and stars to create a unique design. Find helpful instructions, colorful illustrations, and a free quilt block download on this page.

Birdhouse Treasure Quilt Block

What could be more charming for your garden quilt design than this adorable Birdhouse Treasure quilt block? Best of all, it's both fun and easy to make. Download the free quilt block here.

Bird House Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

Find a pretty perch in your home for this Bird House quilted wall hanging -- you'll be glad you did! This article provides a free quilt pattern as well as helpful instructions.

Garden Queen Iris Quilt Block

A pair of pretty flowers is the centerpiece of the Garden Queen Iris quilt block. Change up the fabric combinations to create look you love. Download the free quilt block here.

Floral Quilted Purse Pattern

Create a regal look with this Floral quilted purse pattern. The two Queen irises in the center would look great in whatever fabrics you choose. Download the free quilt pattern here.

Summer Sunflower Quilt Block

The Summer Sunflower quilt block can take on so many different looks depending on the fabrics you choose. See a few examples and download the free quilt block on this page.

Sunflower Quilted Table Runner Pattern

The Sunflower quilted table runner pattern is sure to provide a ray of sunshine to your dining room. Find a free quilt pattern download, instructions, and illustrations on this page.

Pretty Maids Quilt Block

Featuring three dainty flowers all in a row, the Pretty Maids quilt block would be a great addition to any quilt or other quilted project. Learn how to make it here.

Pretty Maids Quilted Tea Cozy Pattern

Pretty maids all in a row are an excellent centerpiece for this tea cozy. Download the Pretty Maids quilted tea cozy pattern and find helpfulQuilting instructions in this article.

Sunshine Day Quilt Block

The Sunshine Day quilt block is a real fireball of a design, sure to add some fun to your latestQuilting project. Download the free quilt block on this page.

Sunshine Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

The Sunshine quilted wall hanging pattern uses four quilt blocks to create a complete sun. The fabrics you choose will really set the tone for this piece. Download the free quilt pattern here.

My Favorite Flower Quilt Block

Choose My Favorite Flower quilt block for your nextQuilting adventure -- you won't be sorry you did! Find everything you need in this article, including the free quilt block download.

Quilted Wall Flower Hanging Pattern

Create a floral display for your wall with the Quilted Wall Flower Hanging pattern. You can download the free quilt pattern on this page, where you'll also find helpful instructions and illustrations.

Trumpeting Tulip Quilt Block

Flowers are always a great choice for quilts, and this Trumpeting Tulip quilt block is no exception! Find the free quilt block download on this page along with helpful instructions.

Inching Along Quilt Block

Once you take a look at this design, you'll be itching to get this Inching Along quilt block in your nextQuilting project! Find a free quilt block and instructions on this page.

Gossamer Wings Quilt Block

The Gossamer Wings quilt block is a perfect choice for your garden-themed quilt -- or any quilt design for that matter! Find the free quilt block download and more in this article.

Good Morning Glory Quilt Block

If flowers and gardening are your thing (not to mentionQuilting), then look no further than the Good Morning Glory quilt block. Download the free quilt block and find helpful instructions here.

Pretty Bird Quilt Block

The Pretty Bird quilt block has the intricate look of an origami paper sculpture and is sure to impress everyone who sees it. Download the free quilt block in this article.

Fluttering by Butterfly Quilt Block

Don't let this adorable quilt block pass you by! The Fluttering by Butterfly quilt block is fun to make and will look great with any decor. Find out how to make it on this page.

Bloom Well Groomed Quilt Block

Adorn your latestQuilting project with the colorful blooms found on this classic-looking quilt block. You'll find helpful instructions, as well as the free quilt block, all on this page.

Peeping Out Quilt Block

The Peeping Out quilt block features three little blooms popping out of a pot, as if to embrace the first days of Spring. Check out this article for a free quilt block download and helpful instructions.

Watering Can Quilt Block

What could go better on your garden-themed quilt or other quilted project than this delightful Watering Can quilt block? Find its free quilt block download here, along with instructions that will help get you started.