Creepy-Crawly Nesting Boxes -- a great kids' stencil project.
Creepy-Crawly Nesting Boxes -- a great kids' stencil project.

There's no limit to what you can do with stencils.

This age-old technique is great for experienced artists and beginners alike. If you are looking for a creative way to add new life to the walls, floors, and accessories in your home, stenciling is the way to go.


What's more, anyone can start stenciling with just a few supplies, a little know-how, and a desire to have fun.

The articles below will take you into the world of stenciling, from ideas for personalizing home accessories, to great kids' room stencil ideas, to stencil projects perfect for beginners.

Explore these articles and start creating beautiful, handmade stencil art.

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How to StencilThis article provides a thorough introduction to stenciling, including tips for choosing supplies and paint, and even a guide to making your own stencil designs.

Easy Stencil ProjectsDon't fret if you've never stenciled before. The projects in this article are great for beginners, or for anyone looking for a simple -- yet eye-catching -- stencil project.

Stencil DesignsCheck out this article for a diverse collection of stencil designs you can download and print.