Sewing Tips

Organizing Your Sewing Supplies

Get your sewing supplies organized with these helpful hints and tips:

  • Keep a small magnet in your sewing basket. When needles and pins drop on the carpet while you're sewing, retrieve them quickly with the magnet.
  • Sewing needles can get rusty and dull. Rub off any rust with an abrasive soap pad or steel wool.
  • Leave a length of thread in a needle before storing it in a pincushion. You'll be able to see it more easily, and the needle will be less likely to slip inside the pincushion.
  • A bar of soap makes a perfect pincushion. In addition to storing pins and needles, it lubricates the tips so that they slide easily through stiff fabrics.
  • To keep scissors from damaging other items in your sewing basket, cover the points with the rubber protectors sold for knitting needles.
  • Before throwing out clothing you no longer wear, stock up on notions by saving any usable zippers, buttons, or decorative trim. These can come in handy when you're trying to replace a fastener.
  • Thread looks darker on the spool than it will on fabric. Choose a thread a shade darker than the material you'll be using it on.

Ready to tackle that first sewing project? Let's start with a simple task: threading a needle.