Nail Art for Kids

Fresh Fruit Nail Art for Kids
Try the fresh fruit nail art design.
Try the fresh fruit nail art design.
The fresh fruit nail art idea includes many fruit shapes.

For a colorful new look, try fresh fruit nail art for kids. Painting this nail art design won't drive you bananas, because it's really "berry" easy.

The instructions below show you how to paint strawberries and grapes, but make sure to check out the photos below for other tasty variations of this design.

How to make the fresh fruit nail art design:

How to paint the strawberry:

Step 1: Paint nail red. Let dry.

Step 2: Using green paint, paint a rounded diamond shape start­ing at the top center of the nail and extending vertically to the center of the nail.

Step 3: Add two more rounded dia­monds extending horizontally at the top of the nail -- one on each side of the vertical diamond.

Step 4: Using black paint, paint seven or eight small "seeds" all over the red part of the nail.

How to paint the grapes:

Step 1: Paint nail any color. Let dry.

Step 2: Using purple paint, paint three circles grouped in a triangle in the center of the nail. Let dry.

Step 3: Using green paint, paint two rounded diamond shapes coming out from the space between the top two circles. These are grape leaves.

Step 4: Using white paint, paint a tiny dot, or highlight, near the top of each circle.

The game is on with the kids' nail art idea in the next section. Keep reading to learn how to do the MVP nail art design.

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