Nail Art for Kids

Call Waiting Nail Art for Kids
Try the call waiting nail art design.
Try the call waiting nail art design.
Paint the call waiting nail art idea in eight steps.

For a great conversation starter, try wearing the call waiting nail art design for kids. You won't want to put this great kids' nail art idea on hold.

How to make the call waiting nail art design:

Step 1: Paint nails any color. Let dry.

Step 2: Using a contrasting color, paint a half-circle on the pinky nail. This is the base of the telephone.

Step 3: Paint two small, stubby squares of the same color on top of the half-circle. Let dry.

Step 4: Using black paint and a toothpick, paint dots for the buttons.

Step 5: Using the same color paint used for the telephone base, paint two circles on a diagonal on the index finger nail. Leave a small amount of space between the two circles.

Step 6: Connect the two circles with a thick, curved line to create the telephone receiver. Let dry.

Step 7: Using black paint and a tooth­pick, paint tiny dots on the earpiece and the mouthpiece.

Step 8: Paint a curly "cord" starting at the receiver and stretching over the middle two nails and the thumb, connecting the receiver to its base on the pinky.

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