Nail Art for Kids

Sweet Treats Nail Art for Kids
Try the sweet treats nail art idea.
Try the sweet treats nail art idea.
The sweet treats nail art idea includes many goodies.

It will be hard to resist biting your nails after you decorate them with the sweet treats nail art design. An adorable cupcake is the focal point of this kids' nail art idea, but see the photos below for some tasty variations of this design.

How to make the sweet treats nail art design:

Step 1: Paint nails any color. Let dry.

Step 2: Using tan paint, paint a square in the center of the bottom half of the nail.

Step 3: Using pink paint, paint two circles side by side on top of the square. Paint another circle on top of the first two.

Step 4: Using black paint and a toothpick, paint tiny dots all over the pink cupcake. These sprinkles make the cupcake look yummy.

Step 5: Using red paint, paint a small dot on top of the cupcake. The cherry on top is the best part.

You'll talk all night long about the kids' nail art idea in the next section. Keep reading to learn about the call waiting nail art design.

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