Nail Art for Kids

Puppy Love Nail Art for Kids
Try the puppy love nail art design.
Try the puppy love nail art design.
Paint the puppy love nail art design in six steps.

With its floppy ears and big, brown eyes, it's hard not to fall for the dog in the puppy love kids' nail art design. Make sure to check out the dog bone and paw print variations for this nail art design below.

How to make the puppy love nail art design:

Step 1: Paint nails any color. Let dry.

Step 2: Using light brown paint, paint a pear shape in the center of the nail. Let dry. This will be the puppy's head.

Step 3: Using black paint, paint an arch on each side of the puppy's head. These are the puppy's ears.

Step 4: Using black paint, paint two dots at the top of the head (eyes), a larger dot in the center (nose), and a smiling mouth under the nose.

Step 5: Using black paint and a toothpick, paint several tiny dots on each side of the nose.

Step 6: Using pink paint, paint a half-circle tongue under the puppy's mouth.

You'll make the grade with the nail art idea in the final section. Keep reading to learn how to paint the school days nail art design.

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