Nail Art for Kids

Try the sweet treats nail art design.
Try the sweet treats nail art design.

Nail art for kids puts creativity at kids' fingertips.

The nail art ideas in this article are fun, unique ways to practice painting -- and kids get to wear the results. There are nail art designs for every kid's fancy, from sports to music to space.

If the idea of painting on such a small surface seems scary, don't fret -- each nail art design below includes detailed, step-by-step instructions and colorful photos.

Follow these links to get started on this great kids' wearable art craft:

Snack Attack Nail Art

Out of This World Nail Art

Explore the final frontier with this nail art idea, which includes planets and shooting stars.

Sweet Treats Nail Art

Indulge your sweet tooth with this tasty nail art idea. Learn how to paint an adorable cupcake and more.

Call Waiting Nail Art

There's no busy signal on this phone line. Check out this fun nail art idea -- perfect for all the talkative kids you know.

Fresh Fruit Nail Art

This fresh-picked nail art idea features designs for strawberries, grapes, and more.

MVP Nails Nail Art

Check out this sporty nail art idea, which includes instructions for painting a basketball and basketball net.

Noteworthy Nails Nail Art

You'll hit the right note with this nail art idea. Learn how to paint piano keys, musical notes, and more.

Cool Dude Nail Art

This cool dude -- a happy snowman -- puts winter cheer at your fingertips.

Peace, Love, and Happiness Nail Art

This blast-from-the-past nail art idea features a groovy peace sign, heart, and happy face.

Puppy Love Nail Art

Man's best friend becomes hand's best friend with this adorable nail art idea.

School Days Nail Art

You'll want to stay after school if it means getting to paint this fun nail art design.

If your stomach is rumbling, it's time to get started on some great kids' nail art ideas. Move on to the first section to learn how to paint the snack attack nail art design.

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