How to Make Kids' Ties

Snazzy Seashore Bolo
Fold laces over each other.
Fold laces over each other.

Whimsical fish beads, a brightly painted seashell, and the spiral diamond stitch add a new twist to the traditional bolo. The Snazzy Seashore bolo tie is one wearable craft that kids will not only enjoy making, but wearing as well.

Snazzy Seashore Bolo

What You'll Need:

  • 2 lanyard laces: 4 yards yellow, 4 yards blue
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • 2 fish beads: 1 yellow, 1 blue
  • Seashell
  • Blue acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • Newspapers
  • Bolo slide
  • Low-temperature glue gun and glue (adult help needed)
  • Optional: gloss acrylic spray sealer (adult help needed)

Step 1: Cut the yellow and blue lanyard laces into two 2-yard pieces each. Hold the 4 laces together with the ends even, and tie a tight knot 6 inches from one end.

Step 2: Attach the anchor lace or safety pin below the knot. Arrange the strands so that the colors alternate: yellow, blue, yellow, blue.

Step 3: Fold the outside right blue lace behind the 2 inside laces, and fold the lace to the right over the inside blue lace.

Step 4: Fold the outside left yellow lace behind the 2 inside blue laces, and fold the lace to the left over the nearest blue lace. Pull the laces tight.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 to make 25 inches of braid, leaving extra lace unbraided at end.

Step 6: Tie the laces in a knot 6 inches from the end. Thread the fish bead through all 4 laces. Tie the laces in a knot below the bead. Trim the ends to 1 inch. Remove the anchor. Thread the other fish bead through all 4 laces. Knot and trim the ends as before.

Make this seashell-inspired bolo tie.

Step 7: Paint the front of the seashell blue and let dry. Place the shell on newspaper, right side up, and lightly spray it with acrylic sealer. Let dry.

Step 8: Fill the back of the shell with glue. Let the glue cool. Apply a small amount of glue to the center of the hardened glue, and place the bolo slide on the hot glue. Position the bolo slide on the braid.

With the ideas in this article, you'll be creating snazzy bolo ties in no time!

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