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Fun Time Flip-Flops

Wrap the ribbon around the flip-flop.
Wrap the ribbon around the flip-flop.

If you're walking on the beach, Fun Time flip-flops are a must. Here's a wearable craft that'll help you transform your flip-flops into your own personal style statement.

How to Make Fun Time Flip-Flops

Adult help needed

What You'll Need:

  • Foam Flip-flops
  • 2-yard-length grosgrain or woven ribbon, 2 inches wide
  • Scissors
  • Low-temperature glue gun and glue sticks
  • 2 plastic or silk flowers (about 1 to 2 inches diameter) or 2 small plastic frogs

Step 1: Cut the ribbon into two equal lengths. Loosen one side of a flip-flop thong by pushing it down through the bottom of the shoe. Ask an adult to help you use the tip of the scissors to poke the end of one length of ribbon through the hole on one side.

Pull the ribbon so about 1 inch hangs underneath the flip-flop. Using the glue gun, fill the hole with glue, then pull the thong up so it fits back into the hole on the bottom. Make sure the end of the ribbon is still visible from the bottom of the shoe.

Step 2: Working on the top of the flip-flop, wrap the ribbon around the thong so the plastic is completely covered. Overlap the edges of the ribbon each time you wrap it around to make sure it's secure. When you reach the other side of the thong, secure the end of the ribbon through the hole in the bottom of the flip-flop as you did in step 1.

Step 3: If you are making flower flip-flops, trim the stems from the plastic flowers. Using the glue gun, attach the flower or frog in the center of the thong. Repeat all steps for the other flip-flop.

Try This!

Don't stop with frogs or flowers! You can make all kinds of fun flip-flops using plastic bugs, cute erasers, or whatever else you dream up!

Decorate with flowers or frogs. Decorate with flowers or frogs.
Decorate with flowers or frogs.


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