How to Make Kids' Hats

Wild and Styled Hats

Create a wild floppy hat all your own.
Create a wild floppy hat all your own.

Wild and styled hats are so simple to create. Make a serious hat for parties, a silly hat just for laughs, or a theme hat to accompany a costume.

What You'll Need:

Wrapping paper


Craft glue

Old paintbrush

Balloon or large ball

Trims such as feathers, ribbons, or rhinestones

How to Make Wild and Styled Hats:

Step 1: Cut two big identical circles out of wrapping paper.

Step 2: Mix equal parts of water and glue together. Using an old paintbrush, coat the wrong side of one piece of wrapping paper with glue. Place the other piece, wrong side down, over the glue.

Step 3: Place the paper on your head and form it into a hat shape while the glue is still wet. Once you've shaped the hat, place it over a blown-up balloon or a large ball.

Step 4: Let the hat set overnight. When it's dry, decorate it with feathers, ribbons, glitter, or rhinestones.

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