How to Make Kids' Glasses

Spectacular Spectacles

Spectacular spectacles presenet possiblilites.
Spectacular spectacles presenet possiblilites.

A whole slew of possibilities arise when you make spectacular spectacles. Transform yourself into a Hollywood star, a secret agent, or Groucho Marx in just a few easy steps.

What You'll Need:

  • Chenille stems in various colors
  • Decorative poms, gems or other items

Step 1: Fold and shape a chenille stem to form two lenses. Cut another chenille stem in half. Twist one piece onto the side of each lens, and bend the free ends down so they will curve around your ears.

Step 2: Decorate as desired: Add fuzzy chenille stems to make eyebrows for a funny disguise; bend the lenses into fun shapes such as hearts or stars; or embellish your frames with small poms, faux gems, or other decorative items.

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