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Hawaiian Hula Skirt

It's easy and fun to make a Hawaiian hula skirt.
It's easy and fun to make a Hawaiian hula skirt.

You can learn to dance the hula, but it just doesn't look right unless you're wearing a Hawaiian hula skirt. Traditionally, the hula skirt was made from long grasses, but you can make one much easier out of raffia (and it'll be less itchy too!).

Raffia is a soft, natural fiber that's used in many craft projects. You'll find it in craft stores in a variety of colors, so you can decide whether you want to make a hula skirt that looks like real grass or something more colorful. Once you make this simple skirt, all that's left is to start dancing.

What You'll Need



Green raffia

How to Make a Hawaiian Hula Skirt

Step 1: Measure the rope around your waist and add a few extra inches. Cut the rope this size.

Step 2: Take a piece of green raffia, and hang it from the rope so the ends are even. Tie a knot to hold the raffia in place.

Step 3: Keep adding and tying pieces of raffia onto the rope until it looks like a grass skirt.

Step 4: When the rope is covered (except for the extra inches), tie it around your waist.

Now it's time for hula dancing!

The hula is a dance with hand movements that tell a story. You may not have classes in your area to learn how to dance the hula, but you can make up your own stories. Act them out with your hands, and move your body in a rhythmic pattern. Teach a few of your friends your new-style hula, and put on a show for the neighborhood or your families!

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