How to Make Kids' Costumes

Mermaid Crown

A coral-shaped crown is perfect for a little mermaid.
A coral-shaped crown is perfect for a little mermaid.

A mermaid crown is just what you need to be the queen of all mermaids. Decorated with cut-outs and sparkly sequins, your crown will truly befit the little mermaid you know.

Creating the crown is best for adults and kids to do together -- cutting the coral-shaped tips of the crown can be a little tricky for small hands. You also can add to the mermaid look by cutting a starfish shape from craft foam and attaching it to a length of yarn for a necklace.

What You'll Need

Colored poster board




Stapler and staples


How to Make the Mermaid Crown

Step 1: Measure the poster board around your head, leaving enough extra so that you can staple overlapping ends.

Step 2: Cut out a crown from the poster board so that the points of the crown look like coral (see photo).

Step 3: Staple the ends of the crown together. (You might want to check your head measurement once more.)

Step 4: Draw a starfish shape on the poster board. Cut it out.

Step 5: Glue the starfish to the center of the crown; then glue on sequins.

Crowns are fun to make and wear. Another craft idea for making a crown -- this one with a coat of arms -- can be found on the next page.

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