How to Make Kids' Costumes

Superhero Cape
Attach "power symbols" to your superhero cape.
Attach "power symbols" to your superhero cape.

Kids will feel like a superhero in this superhero cape. It's a easy cape to create, using either a simple sewing stitch or a line of glue -- and it's a great adult-and-kid project.

The special touch for this basic black cape is the addition of "power symbols" -- colored felt pieces that you create to show your superhero power: an eye for X-ray vision, a frog for leaping ability, an owl for wisdom.

What You'll Need

3/4-yard black, non-ravel fabric

1-inch-wide ribbon


Colored felt



Safety pins or Velcro

How to Make a Superhero Cape

Step 1: Cut a 3/4-yard rectangle of 45-inch-wide (or larger) black, non-ravel fabric.

Step 2: Fold over 1-1/2 inches along one edge to the inside and sew (or glue, using a thin line) close to the cut edge to form a casing.

Step 3: Thread a long piece of 1-inch-wide ribbon through the casing, leaving enough ribbon at both edges to tie a bow.

Step 4: Tack or glue the ribbon in place at the casing edges.

Step 5: Make patches by drawing a series of 3-inch circles on paper.

Step 6: Draw a "power" symbol inside each -- an owl for wisdom, a muscular arm for strength, a shoe with wings for running, a ghost for invisibility, a cat for multiple lives, an eye for X-ray vision, an ear for supersonic hearing.

Step 7: Cut the symbols and 3-inch circles from different felt colors. Glue a power symbol on each circle.

Step 8: Secure the patches to the cape -- use Velcro fasteners or safety pins.

Power symbol patches are the finishing touch to your superhero cape.

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