How to Make Kids' Costumes

Box Costume

You can make a great-looking horse costume out of a box.
You can make a great-looking horse costume out of a box.

Almost all kids have crawled into an empty box and pretended it was a fort or a race car. But those boxes can be used to make costumes, too. With a little ribbon, a stapler, and your imagination, your race car will actually move -- because you'll be wearing it.

It's easy to turn an oversized box into a great costume for Halloween or playtime. The instructions that follow suggest making a horse, but you can create any animal or vehicle that you'd like. This is a fun project that adults and kids can do together.

What You'll Need:

Large cardboard box




Poster paints

Masking tape

Wide cloth ribbon


How to Make a Box Costume

Step 1: With an adult's help, cut the bottom and top off of a cardboard box. Use the top and bottom pieces to make a horse's head and tail. Draw the shape of a horse's head and tail on the cardboard pieces. Decorate the shapes with markers, and cut them out.

Step 2: Cover your work surface with newspaper. Paint the horse body with poster paints. After the paint has dried, tape the head and tail to the box body.

Step 3: Make suspenders to hold the horse costume around your body. With an adult's help, staple a long piece of wide ribbon to one inside corner of the box. Staple the other end of the ribbon to the opposite inside corner. Staple a second piece of ribbon to the inside of the remaining corners so that the ribbon suspenders cross over one another.

Pretending to be a king or queen is a popular choice for playtime or Halloween. Keep reading to find out how to make a special crown.

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