How to Make Kids' Costumes

Native Clothing

Every culture has its own native clothing.
Every culture has its own native clothing.

We live in a colorful, multicultural world, and every culture has different native clothing. Whether it's a grass skirt from Polynesia, a sari from India, or a kimono from Japan, native clothing is part of our cultural heritage.

You can create costumes that reflect the clothing of other countries with items you probably have around your house. Why not gather your friends together and have each one dress in the native clothing of a different country? It's a great way to celebrate our multicultural connections.

How to Make a Native Clothing Costume

Make a grass skirt from Polynesia from a few brown paper grocery bags. Cut the bags to fringe the edges, wrap the bags around your waist (you may need to tape two or more bags together), and tape them in place.

Women in India and Sri Lanka wear beautiful saris. Take a long piece of colorful, flowing material and wrap one end around your waist. Place the other end over your shoulder.

You might decide to represent the country of your choice by wearing its national colors. While not specifically native clothing, you can find modern dress -- such as T-shirts or sneakers -- in the colors of a particular country. Dress in red, white, and green for Italy. Or red, white, and blue for America and for England!

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