How to Make Kids' Costumes

Space Helmet

You'll soon be ready to blast off in your space helmet.
You'll soon be ready to blast off in your space helmet.

Practice walking in outer space -- in your own backyard -- with this cool space helmet. It even has its own make-believe oxygen tanks, so you'll look almost like a real astronaut as you explore an "alien planet" in your backyard.

This is a great adult-and-kid project. Some of the construction of the helmet is a little tricky for small hands, so adults can handle the hard part, and kids can have fun decorating.

What You'll Need

Paper grocery bag

Crayons or markers


2 oatmeal boxes

2 paper towel tubes

Tape or stapler and staples

How to Make a Space Helmet

Step 1: Put a paper grocery bag over your head. Using a marker, have your adult helper trace a circle on the bag where your face is. Take the bag off your head, and cut out the circle. You may also want to cut the bag around your shoulders so it is more comfortable to wear.

Step 2: In the middle of each oatmeal box lid, trace the end of a paper towel tube. Cut around the traced shape to make a hole (have an adult help you, if necessary).

Step 3: Staple or tape the oatmeal boxes side by side to the back of your helmet, lid side up.

Step 4: Stick an end of each paper towel tube through the top of each oatmeal box. Tape the top of each tube to the helmet so the tubes look like oxygen tank hoses.

Step 5: Decorate your helmet so it looks like one on a real space suit -- or you can make your helmet look like one on an alien space suit. Then, put on your space helmet, and blast off!

Back on earth, we live in a multi-cultural world. Each culture has a different native costume. Keep reading to find out how to create some of those costumes.

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