How to Make Kids' Bracelets

Rakhi (Hindu Plaited Bracelet)

Rakhi (Hindu Plaited Bracelet)
Rakhi (Hindu Plaited Bracelet)

Make Rakhi (Hindu plaited bracelets) to hand out to your friends and family. Traditionally, Rakhi are given to family members at Raksha Bandhan, a festival celebrated by most Hindu and Sikh families.

What You'll Need:

Strips of fabric, yarn, string, or ribbon

Piece of corkboard or cardboard


Small circle of cardboard

Aluminum foil


Craft glue


Needle and thread

How to Make Hindu Plaited Bracelets:

Use strips of fabric or pieces of string that are more than double the length of the bracelet you want. To make a three-strand rakhi, knot the ends of three pieces of ribbon or fabric together. Pin the ribbon or fabric to a corkboard or piece of heavy cardboard so it is easier to work with.

Braid the ribbons or fabric pieces as shown in the diagram. Continue braiding in this manner until you have braided almost all of the length of ribbon or fabric. To finish the plait, knot the ends of the ribbon or fabric together.

Decorate a small circle of cardboard with foil, sequins, and markers. Sew the decorated circle to the middle of the plaited band. To wear the plait as a bracelet, tie it around your wrist.


Nature-Made Bracelet by Lisa Lerner and Kersten Hamilton

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