How to Make Kids' Bracelets

Button Bonanza Bracelet

Button Bonanza Bracelet
Button Bonanza Bracelet

String together an assortment of colorful buttons to make an original button bonanza bracelet.

What You'll Need:

Crazy-color buttons with large holes (try a grab bag from the fabric or craft store)

Leather cords or shoelaces


How to Make a Button Bonanza Bracelet:

Make sure you have enough buttons and cords or shoelaces to make a bracelet of the desired length. Tie a knot at the end of the leather cord or shoelace. With the first button face up, thread the cord up through one hole and down through the other. Tie a knot after it.

Add more buttons in alternating colors and sizes. They can be placed next to each other or spaced apart with knots in between. If your buttons have four holes instead of two, use double laces. At the end of the cord, make a loop large enough to fit over the first button and tie it off.

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