How to Make Jewel Crafts

Designer Jewels
Wow everyone with designer jeans!
Wow everyone with designer jeans!

Add some designer jewels to a pair of jeans and create a new piece of clothing. Children love new clothes and they'll definitely enjoy some with a little sparkle. These jeans are sure to stand out among the crowd.

What You'll Need:

1 pair of jeans

30 round faux jewels, 8mm each, in an assortment of colors

20 teardrop faux jewels, 10x14mm each, in various colors

20 round faux jewels, 6mm each


Waxed paper

Jewel glue

1. Wash and dry jeans before you begin. Do not use any fabric softeners. Read glue packaging for further care instructions.

2. Cover your work surface with newspaper. Fold 1 pant leg so the outside seam is in the middle of the fold. Then place waxed paper inside the jean leg to prevent glue from seeping through to the other side.

3. Place the teardrop and 8mm round jewels along the bottom of the jeans. Only jewel the outside half of the leg; otherwise, the jewels will pop off when your pant legs rub together. Also, avoid putting any jewels on the seam.

Be sure to lay out your jewels before gluing them down.

4. Once you're happy with your design, lift 1 jewel at a time, dot a small amount of glue on the jeans, and press each jewel into the glue. Let dry.

5. ­To decorate the back pockets, first lay out your design on the pockets using more teardrop and 8mm round jewels as well as 6mm round jewels. Attach each jewel to the jeans with jewel glue, and let dry.

Crafting projects, especially ones that dazzle, are something everyone can enjoy. With the ideas in this article, everyone can find something they will want to create!

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