How to Make Jewel Crafts

Sugar and Spice Jewel Craft
Whoever wears these T-shirts can show their true colors.
Whoever wears these T-shirts can show their true colors.

This sugar and spice jewel craft sure is nice! Let the angel or the rock star in your life express themselves with a fun bedazzled T-shirt.

Angel T-shirt

What You'll Need:

1 light purple T-shirt

110 aqua blue faceted faux jewels, 6mm each


Waxed paper

Jewel glue

Give your little angel a new shirt.
  1. Wash and dry the T-shirt before starting this project. Do not use any fabric softeners. Read glue packaging for care instructions.
  2. Cover your work surface with newspaper or an old tablecloth. Insert a piece of waxed paper inside the T-shirt to prevent glue from seeping through to the back of the shirt.
  3. Before you start gluing on the jewels, practice your "Angel" design on the T-shirt. Make sure all the letters will fit!
  4. Once you're happy with how the jewels look on the shirt, lift 1 jewel at a time, dot a small amount of glue on the shirt, and press each one into the glue.
  5. Let the glue dry completely before handling or wearing.

Rock Star T-shirtWhat You'll Need:1 red T-shirt100 clear faceted faux jewels, 8mm eachNewspaper Waxed paper

Jewel glue

Any star will rock this T-shirt.
  1. Repeat steps for Angel T-shirt, this time using "Rock Star" as your design.

Kids don't just like jewels on their clothes, they like them on their body, too. Now they can create cool bindi art. Keep reading to learn how.

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