How to Make Jewel Crafts

Funtastic Foam Frames

Show off any picture in these funtastic foam frames.
Show off any picture in these funtastic foam frames.

Your child will love showing off pictures in funtastic foam frames, and they make the perfect craft for any day. Children will enjoy making these frames to keep or to give as gifts.

What You'll Need:

1 sheet of craft foam in any color

10 to 20 faux jewels in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes

1 photograph

1 pin back



Scissors or craft knife

Craft glue

  1. Cover your work surface with newspaper or an old tablecloth. Draw a shape on a piece of craft foam with your pencil. Cut out the shape, and trace the same shape on the remaining foam. Cut out this shape (this will be your backing). You should now have 2 matching cutouts.
  2. Draw a smaller shape pattern inside the first foam cutout. Cut out this shape (this will be your frame).
  3. Trim your photograph so that the part you want to show will fit inside the frame. Glue the photo to the backing, then glue the frame on top of the photo.
  4. Glue faux jewels around the frame in any pattern you like. Let dry.
  5. Once the jewels have dried, turn over the frame, and glue the pin back in the center of the backing. Let dry completely before wearing.

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