How to Stencil Pillows

How to Stencil a Sweet Seat Cushion
The Sweet Seat Cushion looks great at the dining table.
The Sweet Seat Cushion looks great at the dining table.

This is a chair cushion as elegant as it is comfortable. Flourishes and flowers make an ordinary chair extraordinary.

Skill Level: Beginner

Time Needed: 1-1/2 hours

Stencil Design: Download the Sweet Seat Cushion as a PDF.


Step One: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to add fabric medium to the acrylic paint before stenciling.

Step Two: Find and mark the center of the cushion. Position the straight edge of the stencil at this mark, and stencil half the design. Let the paint dry completely, and then flip the stencil over and align it to stencil the other half of the design. Mask off the first half to protect it.

Step Three: Working on one side of the design square at a time, position the double stripe stencil one inch from the design edge. You'll get a more precise look if you begin in the center rather than at a corner. Center either the middle of the group of three stripes or the single stripe along this edge, and stencil in each direction toward the corners.

Stencil stripes to within one inch of the edge of the cushion. Use tape to mask off one side of the corner. Stencil, then reverse the tape for the other side. Repeat on each side.

Design Variations

Use the stencils to create beautiful variations.

Color Chat

To bring the French country look to life, we used Americana Country Blue and FolkArt Blue Ink acrylic paints.

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