How to Stencil Pillows

Learn how to stencil this Sunflower Pillow in this article.
Learn how to stencil this Sunflower Pillow in this article.

Before you consider a total home makeover, consider trying a stencil design. You can apply a few stencil techniques in hundreds of way throughout your home, harmonizing the details throughout your home or reinventing with new themes and fresh designs.

It's those details that really pull the room together. This article highlights several stencil designs to bring hand-crafted charm to the pillows in your home.

On each page, we give you step-by-step guidance. Learn how to stencil with downloadable designs, creative tips, and sample photographs. Use these projects to express your stenciling style.

Sunflower Pillows are perfect for the summertime. Learn how to make these pillows.

Perfectly Plaid Pillow is a light and cheerful complement to any bright decor. We'll show you how to add plaid to your home.

Teddy Bear Pillow is a heart-warming design that you'll enjoy, rain or shine. Use this stencil to add even more comfort to your favorite pillow.

Sweet Seat Cushion adds a refined country style to any chair. Learn how to stencil it in this section.

You can start at the beginning with the Sunflower Pillows stencil design, or leap to the project in which you're the most interested.

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