How to Stencil Lamp and Window Shades

How to Stencil a Rustic Moose Lampshade
A Rustic Moose Lampshade is rustic, yet genteel.
A Rustic Moose Lampshade is rustic, yet genteel.

This delightful lampshade brings the charm of rustic cabin style home. Its bold, graphic design will light up the room.

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 2 hours

Stencil Design: Download the Rustic Moose Lampshade as a PDF.


  • Paper lampshade
  • Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paint: Brown Iron Oxide
  • Folk Art acrylic paint: Licorice
  • 1-inch stencil brush
  • 5/8-inch stencil brush


  1. To create the "ground" along the bottom edge of the lampshade, apply low-adhesive tape all around the bottom edge. Next, apply another piece of tape above the first one in an irregular, bumpy line, leaving about 1/4 to one inch of space between the two strips as you move around the shade.This will give the illusion of slight hills and valleys across the landscape. Press firmly on the edges of the tape to make a seal so paint does not seep underneath.
  2. With the 1-inch stencil brush, apply a solid coat of Brown Iron Oxide to the entire ground area. Use the 1/2-inch stencil brush to shade the top and bottom edges (along the tape lines) with Licorice. Remove the tape, and let dry.
Paint the ground area between the tape borders.
  1. Position the moose stencil so the hooves touch the ground. Tape in place. Stencil with Brown Iron Oxide using the 1-inch brush. Shade the edges of the moose with Licorice, using the 5/8-inch brush.
  2. Adhere the moon stencil above the moose. Stencil the moon with Licorice paint using the 5/8-inch brush.
  3. Continue the "landscape" by stenciling trees and grass around the shade. Position the stencils along the ground line, and stencil all of the landscaping with Licorice. For visual interest, make the trees different heights by shortening the trunks of some when you place them along the ground line.
Stencil the rest of the landscape.

Rustic Moose Lampshade Variations

A single moose makes a strong, graphic statement, and the rust and black shades work well with the wrought-iron base, but why stop there? Change your palette to rich greens and browns for a subtle change. Work the moose and landscape elements together to dress up a fireplace screen, window shades, or even the back of a jean jacket.

For a simpler project, consider just the trees and grasses as repeat designs on muslin curtains or throw pillows for a family room.

Use the stencils creatively for other projects.

In the next project, you'll learn to brighten up any room with a Lovely Lampshade.