How to Stencil Lamp and Window Shades

Learn how to stencil this Geranium Window Shade in this article.
Learn how to stencil this Geranium Window Shade in this article.

Anyone can stencil, and that's why it's so popular. You can apply a few stencil techniques in hundreds of ways throughout your home, harmonizing the details or reinventing new themes and fresh designs.

In this article we 'll show you several stencils to add hand-crafted charm to lamp and window shades. You'll find that just a few easy steps will transform your living spaces -- inexpensively.

On each page, we give you step-by-step instructions. Each project also comes with stencils that you can download, creative tips, and sample photographs. Once you get started, you'll see opportunities to apply your creativity everywhere.

Rustic Moose Lampshade is a rustic design perfect for the outdoorsy home. Learn how to stencil this shade.

Lovely Lampshades features a combination of soft stripes and floral borders that will brighten any home. We'll show you how to add this special touch to your home.

Bucking Bronco Lampshade adds an energetic western touch. Show off your cowboy stenciling with this design.

Geranium Window Shade brings the summery warmth of the flower patch inside your home. Learn how to create this soft floral touch.

You can begin with whatever stencil project catches your attention. Or, start in the next section to learn how to stencil a Rustic Moose Lampshade.