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How to Stencil Kids' Rooms

How to Stencil an Outer Space Wallpaper

Faux wallpaper is a stellar way to liven up a room. And while this pattern may look complex, it's not rocket science!

The Outer Space Wallpaper features rockets and stars.
The Outer Space Wallpaper is out of this world.

Skill Level: Intermediate +
Time: 6-8 hours
Stencil Design: Download the Outer Space Wallpaper as a PDF.

What You'll Need

  • White latex paint
  • Paint roller
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • 1-inch-wide painter's tape
  • Sea sponge
  • Plaid FolkArt acrylic paint: Light Periwinkle, Light Gray, Tangerine, Autumn Leaves, School Bus Yellow, Hauser Light Green
  • DecoArt Dazzling Metallics acrylic paint: Shimmering Silver
  • 5/8-inch stencil brush
  • 1/2-inch stencil brushes, 3
  • 3/8-inch stencil brushes, 3


Step One: Basecoat the wall with your favorite white latex paint. Let dry.

Step Two: To create the 6-inch blue squares, use pencil, level, tape measure, and 1-inch-wide painter's tape. Run a line of tape along the top edge of the baseboard. Measure up six inches, and make several pencil marks at this height along the wall. Run a horizontal line of tape here, checking with level. Repeat up the wall, measuring six inches up from the top of each line of tape.

Step Three: Measure and mark the horizontal center of the wall. Run a line of tape vertically at this point, centered on this mark. Place vertical lines of tape on both sides of the center line, measuring every 6 inches from the edge of the previous piece of tape to create 6-inch squares.

Use tape to carefully mark off 6-inch squares.
Mark off 6-inch squares with tape.

Step Four: Use a sea sponge to sponge-paint the squares in a checker-board pattern, sponging every other square Light Periwinkle. Let dry; remove all tape.

Step Five: Center stencil R1 in the top left white square with the nose pointing into the upper right corner. Mark registration points. Stencil the rocket body Shimmering Silver with a 5/8-inch brush, and stencil the exhaust Light Gray with a 1/2-inch brush.

Stencil the rockets in silver paint.
Stencil the rockets in silver paint.

Repeat in every white square, angling the rocket toward the upper right corner in the first and third rows and toward the upper left corner in the second and fourth rows.

Step Six: Align stencil R2, and stencil all openings Light Periwinkle with a 1/2-inch brush. Repeat on all rockets.

Step Seven: Align stencil R3. Stencil the flames Tangerine with a 3/8-inch brush, and shade the edges with Autumn Leaves on a 1/2-inch brush. Stencil the fins and porthole Autumn Leaves. Repeat on all rockets.

Step Eight: Stencil the planets, moons, and stars at the outside corners of each blue square so the moons and ringed planets alternate rows with the earth and stars. (See photo for more detail.) Stencil the moons and stars School Bus Yellow with a 3/8-inch brush.

For the ringed planet, stencil the circle Tangerine and the ring Autumn Leaves. Stencil Earth Hauser Light Green with a 3/8-inch brush and the ocean overlay Light Periwinkle.

Surround each square with planets and stars.
Surround each square with stars and planets.

Tricks of the Trade

Press the edges of the tape firmly to prevent paint from bleeding under.

Stencil all of the moons and stars before moving on to the planets so you don't have to clean your brushes after every stencil.

Bright Ideas

3...2...1...Blastoff! The number of variations for this stencil will send you over the moon! Piece together the rockets, moons, and planets in all kinds of configurations to fit your space.

  • What could be cooler than stenciling part of this design with glow-in-the-dark paint?
  • Leave out the sponge-painted squares, and group the stars, planets, and rockets together in a starry circle on the ceiling.
  • Try stenciling the smaller designs on drawer pulls or light-switch plates to add universal appeal everywhere you look.



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