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How to Stencil Kids' Rooms

How to Stencil a Sweet Dreams Wall Border

Fluffy white clouds and colorful sheep stenciled on the walls of your nursery will lull your baby into sweet slumber.

The Sweet Dreams Wall Border stencil features clouds and leaping sheep.
Stencil the Sweet Dreams Wall Border.

Skill Level: Advanced beginner
Time: 6-8 hours
Stencil Design: Download the Sweet Dreams Wall Border as a PDF.

What You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Painter's tape
  • 4-inch sponge roller
  • Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paint: Light Ivory, Pale Yellow, Village Green, Coastline Blue
  • Plaid FolkArt acrylic paint: Periwinkle, Baby Pink, Titanium White
  • 5/8-inch stencil brushes, 2
  • 3/4-inch stencil brushes, 6


Step One: Measure and mark a horizontal pencil line on the wall for the top edge of the border, locating it at whatever height you prefer. Measure down 9-1/2 inches from this line, and mark another pencil line to hold the border. Mask the outside edges of the border with painter's tape. Use a sponge roller to apply an even coat of Light Ivory to the border. Remove tape.

Step Two: Starting at the far left side of the border, align the scallop stencil on the top edge; tape in place. Roll Light Ivory onto the scallops. Reposition the stencil, using the last scallop as a guide, and repeat across the border.

Step Three: Rotate the scallop stencil so top becomes bottom, and repeat step three across the bottom of the border.

Step Four: Position the "Sweet" stencil at the left edge of the border, about 1/2 inch from the top. Stencil Periwinkle with a 5/8-inch brush. Position the "Dreams" stencil 1-1/2 to 2 inches to the right of that; stencil Periwinkle with a 5/8-inch brush. Reposition the "Sweet" stencil at Sweet Dreams least three inches from the end of the first repeat. Repeat across the top edge of the border.

Stencil the words along the top of the border in periwinkle paint.
Stencil the words with periwinkle paint.

Step Five: Center the moon stencil between every repeat of "Sweet Dreams," and stencil Pale Yellow with a 5/8-inch brush.

Step Six: Beneath each "Sweet Dreams" repeat you'll stencil four sheep, placed at various heights and angled in different directions so they look as though they're leaping through the sky. (When positioning the sheep, leave areas of white space in which you'll stencil clouds in steps eight and nine.)

To stencil each sheep, position stencil S1; mark registration points. Using a different 3/4-inch brush for each color, stencil the sheep in the following order: Village Green, Baby Pink, Coastline Blue, Pale Yellow. Repeat across border.

Step Seven: Align stencil S2. Stencil the legs and face markings Periwinkle and the wooly detail Titanium White using two different 3/4-inch brushes. Repeat on all sheep.

Step Eight: Position stencil C1 in the empty spaces around the sheep; mark registration points. Stencil Coastline Blue with a 3/4-inch brush, applying paint extremely sparingly for a light, fluffy look. Repeat across border, stenciling two or three clouds for every 4 sheep.

Lightly stencil a few clouds near each group of sheep.
Use a light touch to stencil the clouds
near each trio of sheep.

Step Nine: Align stencil C2. Stencil Periwinkle with a 3/4-inch brush. Repeat on all clouds.


Tricks of the Trade

Don't worry if the space varies a bit between repeats across the wall; subtle differences lend homemade charm.

To get the perfect colors for the wall above and beneath the border, take your favorite craft paints with you to a hardware store or home center, where you can have latex paint mixed for a perfect match.


Bright Ideas
It's easy to make these stencils look great. Extend the charm with any of these variations...

  • For a homey touch, personalize the border by adding the baby's name.
  • Leave out the border behind the sheep, and stencil clouds and sheep directly onto a sky-blue background.
  • Stencil the clouds on the ceiling to give your baby something fun to look at before he or she drifts off to sleep.
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