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How to Stencil Kids' Rooms

How to Stencil a Baby Bear Border

These teddy bears couldn't be cuddlier. Stencil their friendly faces around the room for baby to enjoy.

Stencil the Baby Bear Border to make a beautiful addition to a kids room.
Stencil a Baby Bear Border.

Skill level: Intermediate
Time needed: 10-16 hours, depending on room size
Stencil design: Download the Baby Bear Border as a PDF.


Step One: To position your border, measure and mark a horizontal pencil line on the wall for the top edge, locating it at whatever height you prefer. Measure down nine inches from this line, and mark another pencil line to hold the border. (Check both lines with a level.)

Mask the outside edges of the border with painter's tape, then use a sponge roller to apply an even coat of Seashell White paint to the border. Let dry completely.

Step Two: To stencil the stripes, position overlay one on the bottom edge of the border and tape in place. Place overlay two over it, and stencil the stripes green. Continue along the border, each time aligning the first stripe of overlay two next to the last stripe stenciled.

When you've finished the bottom edge, repeat along the top of the border. Add some shading along the wavy edge with more of the same green mix.

Step Three: Stenciling the bears' clothing a rainbow of colors adds extra oomph to the border. Vary the colors however you wish, without stenciling the same color side by side.

Colorful clothing makes the bears come to life.
Colorful clothing makes the bears come to life.

Step Four: As a final touch, scatter a few moons and stars around in the white space.

Stars sprinkled around the border bring it to life.
Sprinkling stars makes a lovely border.

Flowers abound in the next section, where you can learn to stencil a Garden Wall Border.

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