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How to Stencil Kids' Rooms

How to Stencil a Zoom Around the Room Border

Girls and boys alike will give these sporty little cars the green light!

The Zoom Around the Room Border stencil adds colorful cars to the walls.
Stencil the Zoom Around the Room Border.

Skill level: Intermediate
Time needed: 10-16 hours, depending on room size
Stencil Design: Download the Zoom Around the Room Border as a PDF.


Step One: To mark your border, measure and mark a horizontal pencil line on the wall for the top edge, locating it at whatever height you prefer. Measure down seven inches from this line, and mark another pencil line to hold the border. (Check both lines with a level.) Mask the outside edges of the border with painter's tape, then use a sponge roller to apply an even coat of white latex wall paint to the border. Let this basecoat dry, then begin stenciling.

Step Two: Stencil the road before you stencil the cars. Use only a very light coat of Silver -- if you apply too much paint, it will be visible under the cars. (You'll also use Silver paint when stenciling the car windows and the streetlight bases.)

Step Three: Stencil all of the cars with bright colors, and shade them with Basic Black. The yellow car is an exception -- you may want to shade it with Amber for a more subtle look.

The cars can be stenciled in any color and any direction.
Stencil the colorful cars in any direction.

Step Four: Position the traffic signal light anywhere, and as many times, as you wish. You may repeat it between every two cars to create a pattern or position it randomly wherever you like.

Step Five: Don't forget to add a striped yellow center line to keep the cars on the right side of the road.

Color Chat

Bright and bold is the name of the game in this cheery room. The wall border cars were stenciled with Delta Stencil Paint Crme in the following colors: Sunflower Yellow, Bright Green, Christmas Red, and True Blue. Shading was done with Basic Black and Amber Stencil Paint Crme.

The road sparkles with Silver Stencil Paint Crme. To stencil the storage bins, we switched to acrylic paint, using Delta Ceramcoat Yellow, Navy Blue, Jubilee Green, Opaque Red, Spice Brown, and Black.

Repeat any or all of these colors on the train table, or introduce a complementary color scheme, as we did. This table showcases Plaid FolkArt acrylic paint in Licorice, Lipstick Red, White, Butter Pecan, Asphaltum, Evergreen, and Blue Ribbon, as well as Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paint in Cornsilk Yellow.

Blocks of color add variation to the border.
Blocks of color add variation to the border.

In the next section, you can cuddle up with the Baby Bear Border.

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