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How to Stencil Kids' Rooms

How to Stencil a Teddy Bears Border

Buttons and bears dance on the moon, sending happy dreams and sweet slumber to your little one.

The Teddy Bears Border features happy bears.
Stencil the Teddy Bears Border.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 8 hours
Stencil Design: Download the Teddy Bears Border as a PDF.

What You'll Need

  • 4-inch sponge roller
  • Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paint: Mello Yellow, White
  • Delta Stencil Paint Crème: Cape Cod Blue, Goldenrod Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Amber, Bark Brown, Garnet Red, True Blue, Garden Green, Basic Black
  • 3/4-inch stencil brush
  • 1/2-inch stencil brushes, 3
  • 1/4-inch stencil brushes, 5
  • Index cards


Step One: Measure and mark a horizontal pencil line on the wall for the top edge of the border. Measure down 7-1/4 inches from this line, and mark another pencil line to hold the border. Use low-adhesive tape to mask the outside edges of the border. Use a sponge roller to apply an even coat of Mello Yellow to the border. Leave tape in place.

A sponge roller is the easiest way to lay the basecoat between the tape borders.
Use a sponge roller to apply a basecoat.

Step Two: Position the diamond stencil on the wall with the top and bottom corners touching each edge of the border and aligned vertically. Tape in place.

Trick of the Trade
Put tape all the way around the stencil to keep it secure while stenciling and to prevent paint from going where it doesn't belong.

Step Three: Using the sponge roller loaded with White, basecoat the diamond. Continue painting diamonds around the room, repositioning the stencil so the points of each diamond touch.

Step Four: Reposition the stencil on each diamond, and stencil with Cape Cod Blue, using the 3/4-inch brush and concentrating mainly on the edges.

Step Five: Adhere the moon stencil in the center of the first diamond. Stencil the moon White. Repeat in each diamond.

Step Six: Reposition the moon stencil in the first diamond. Stencil the moon Goldenrod Yellow with a 1/2-inch brush. Shade the outside edges with Yellow Ochre. Repeat in each diamond.

Step Seven: There are three different bear stencils. Position one on each moon, alternating them in whatever order you like. Stencil the bears Amber (except for the ears, feet, and muzzle) using a 1/2-inch brush, and shade with Bark Brown and a 1/4-inch brush.

Stencil the ears, feet, and muzzle Bark Brown. Stencil the hanging bears' bows Garnet Red, the sitting bears' bows True Blue, and the sleeping bears' bows Garden Green.

Use one of 3 bear stencils to decorate each of the moons.
Stencil the bears onto the moons.

NOTE: Cover the moon with its dropout to protect it while stenciling the hanging bear's arm. Remove the moon dropout to expose the bear's paw, and mask the rest of the arm with an index card while stenciling the hand. (You may want to cut the index card to fit first.)

Step Eight: Position the open-eye face overlay on the sitting and hanging bear, and the closed-eye overlay on the sleeping bear, and carefully stencil the eyes, nose, and mouth Basic Black.

Step Nine: Place the button stencil at the point where two diamonds meet. Stencil the button White. Reposition and stencil buttons between each diamond. By the time you've stenciled all the buttons, the ones you started with will be dry.

Starting at the beginning, reposition the stencil, and stencil the buttons Garnet Red, then shade lightly with Basic Black. Once the red buttons are dry, place the overlay detail on top, and stencil with Basic Black.

Teddy Bears Border Variations

Decorating a baby's room calls for all sorts of tiny touches. Just add these adorable bears to a chest of drawers, curtains, or cubbies. A simple moon with a cluster of buttons and a colorful ribbon may be all you need to embellish a toy chest or rocking chair. Whether you have a tiny nook or a wide-open wall to decorate, this design provides just the right touch of color and sweetness.

Colorful blocks add variation to the border.
Stencil variations can be used in many ways.

The next project adds brightness to any room. Learn how to stencil the Zinnia Garden Border in the following section.

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