How to Stencil Kids' Rooms

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Stenciling is a quick and rewarding way to personalize your kids' rooms, whether they're budding scientists, gardeners, astronauts, or anything else.

Outer Space Wallpaper features rocket ships and planets.
Outer Space Wallpaper
is the perfect stencil
for little astronauts.

In the following pages, we offer nine ways to customize the walls in your rooms, and you can find hundreds of possible variations to make the exact look and feel that you want.

Learn how to stencil kids' rooms with the step-by-step instructions included on each article, along with stencils that you can download, tips and tricks, and helpful photos.

Get ready to unleash your creativity with the following stencil projects:

Teddy Bears Border is a visual lullaby for any baby's room. Learn how to stencil using teddy bears in this section.

Zinnia Garden Border makes a summery addition to cheer up any room. Add flowers to your wall with this creative stencil border.

Zoom Around the Room Border is the choice for race car drivers. We'll show you how to shift into drive with this fast and cool stencil border.

Baby Bear Border surrounds the room with soft and cuddly bears. Learn how to stencil the baby's room with this adorable stencil design.

Garden Wall Border is a whimsical and lively design, a vibrant pastoral. Stencil these designs onto your wall.

Rubber Duckie Shower Curtain is an excellent project for those new to stenciling. We'll teach you how to stencil these sweet rubber ducks.

Funky Flowers Cork Border makes an eye-catching and practical enhancement to any wall. Grow a garden on your wall.

Sweet Dreams Wall Border features soft clouds and leaping sheep. Learn how to create this sweet wall border.

Outer Space Wallpaper is a perfect fit for those who dream of rockets and trips to the stars. Stencil a trip to the moon with this design.

Begin with the stencil project that interests you most, or start with the first design. Learn how to stencil a Teddy Bears Border in the next section.

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